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Some folks my age have grandchildren. Some guys my age have a “mid-life-crisis” and buy a convertible, a boat, or a motorcycle. At 44 years old I sold the Sea Ray, the Mustang convertible, the Harley Davidson, and welcomed my first child, Alexander, into the world. Then, at 45 his little sister Elizabeth joined us. Now, at 46, it’s like starting life all over again. One can but hope that in waiting this long to start a family that many of the pitfalls that swallow up young husbands and wives trying to raise children while in their teens or twenties will be cast aside in favor of experience and hopefully - wisdom. Although I already wish I had taken better care of my body when younger so the mileage  wasn’t slowing me down a bit now just trying to keep up with a crawler and a toddler!

Starring: Roy (aka Caz), Jamie, Xander, and Izzy

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